Friends of Nature Launches Community Based Water Project in China

Posted on: September 21st, 2012 by Harmony Foundation No Comments

Friends of Nature (FON) is pleased to announce that it is the first recipient in China of a grant from the Royal Bank of Canada’s Blue Water Project. Thanks to the generosity of RBC and assistance from Harmony Foundation of Canada, serving as advisors, the grant will support local water projects conducted by FON groups across China and lay the foundation for a national water stewardship program.


FON was founded in 1990 in Beijing and now has 10 registered volunteer groups across China, located in Hubei, Henan province, Shanghai and other regions. Their programs include Apple Suppliers Pollution Investigation, vegetation protection and wild bird habitat protection.


In addition to achieving local benefits thorough water clean-up and conservation, The Community Based Water Project will also improve the skills of local groups to assist their communities on water and other important issues.


Harmony Foundation of Canada is recognized internationally for innovation and leadership in education and community training and has helped business, government and civil society in 36 countries take positive action together for prosperity based on social development and healthy environments.


Together, Harmony and FON will choose participating FON groups and communities, provide training on public participation and assist them to successfully implement water projects to help improve local water quality and conservation.


In August the project began with a workshop involving FON registered groups. Vice Director Zhang Hehe and German advisor Joerg Naumann from FON introduced the project, and Chen Hulu from Shining Stone Community Action presented Harmony Foundation’s Community Action Workshop which will be used for community training. Representatives from all groups reacted with enthusiasm.


Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is listed among the top 50 most socially responsible organizations in Canada; moreover, it is also one of top 100 most sustainable organizations in the world. The RBC Blue Water Project is a wide-ranging, multi-year program to help foster a culture of water stewardship, so that people have clean fresh water today and tomorrow.

Harmony Foundation and RBC have worked together with great success since 1989 and are pleased to join with FON in this outstanding project.



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