An Introduction to Issues



“Meeting the world’s social, economic and environmental challenges depends upon people who have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and the commitment to work together to transform harmful patterns of development into ecologically and socially sustainable development”

Michael Bloomfield, Founder and Executive Director, Harmony Foundation


If we hope to deal with the major environment and development issues facing us in the 21st century, we must go beyond awareness-raising and promote active and informed public participation in local planning and decision-making and prepare community leaders with the knowledge and skills to be catalysts for positive change. We need to work togetherto create and sustain patterns of human development that protect the environment and human health, reduce poverty, create prosperity and improve the quality of life for current and future generations.

The summaries found here are meant to provide a brief, yet comprehensive overview and some practical actions to address the issue in question.

We hope these overviews are informative and inspire positive action in our personal and professional lives, in our homes, communities and workplaces so that we can achieve local progress that contributes to meeting national goals and international responsibilities.

Over time we will continue to expand the list of issues addressed and encourage you to share them with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.



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