Harmony has been and remains a leader in developing and delivering practical education and training programs that help business, communities, schools and educators, youth, families and individuals better understand the issues and take positive action in their personal and professional lives. Active programs are reported on throughout this website and more details are available by request.


Major Programs to Date Include:


Building Sustainable Societies:is a dynamic program providing communitiesin Canada and internationally with the tools and training to take cooperative local action. Thirty-six countries have participated with major collaborations in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Ghana, Kenya, Israel and China.


Program for Leadership and Cooperation for Sustainable Community Development in ChinaWith principal collaborators Shining Stone Community Action, Environmental Management College of China and the National Academy for Mayors of China, we have trained 150 mayors and vice-mayors, 40 Environmental Protection Bureau Managers and over 900 community leaders on the benefits of sustainable community development and public participation in local decision-making.  Our training and technical advice already has helped more than 20 communities implement initiatives, including waste reduction, organic food production, energy and water conservation and economic opportunities for the poor and disabled.“Training Trainers” has assisted many more Chinese organizations and communities to organize, implement and manage community projects.


Canadian Communities and Climate Change: a national program with Environment Canada from 2000-2002, to assist communities to work together to better understand climate change and initiate projects to meet local needs while contributing to meeting national and international targets.

Helping cities to develop sound environmental practices and progressive social programs, to reduce waste and greenhouse gases, improve air quality, conserve water and energy, improve public transportation, increase green space, adopt  environmentally sound planning and purchasing and support healthy food production with active public participation Green Cities: a Guide for Community Action.  It was an official document of UN World Environment Day 2005 and the San Francisco Urban Environmental Accords.


Institute for Environmental Values Education: from 1997- 2205, an 8 day residential program preparing educators from across Canada and around the world to incorporate important social and environmental issues into their curriculum and to teach students how to resolve conflicts over them.Subsequent programs have focused on working with lead partners to train educators in their regions.


Youth Vision: providing young people with life and work skills through community service and mentoring programs, gaining practical experience while making a difference in their communities.Our guidebook for community youth programs entitled Strengthening Our Communities summarizes the knowledge and experience gained through these programs and has been widely used by others to organize their own programs.


Green Works: a workplace training program assisting development and implementation of staff led environmental programs, for example assisted Westin Hotels to create the first major green hotel program in 1989. It led to an industry wide effort and publication of the award winning Workplace Guide: Practical Action for the Environment, a 184 page do-it yourself environmental “audit” for small and medium businesses, schools, hospitals and other workplaces. It feature over 500 actions, 24 pages of worksheets, an action planner, 39 success stories, and information and sources for every aspect of organizational management (energy, hazardous materials, waste, water, transportation, purchasing, property management, education and training and community involvement).



Harmony Foundation is proud of its accomplishments but more so it’s cooperative approach and the help provided to countless individuals and organizations who themselves are catalysts for positive change. In this way, sharing tools and expertise we have greatly multiplied our results. We remain committed to:


Working in Cooperation: to maximize results, effectively use resources and minimize waste and duplication


Sharing our Expertise: Harmony has and continues to participate in numerous conferences, workshops and projects organized by others on sustainable practices, corporate social responsibility, environmental ethics and leadership training.


Mentoring: Advise organizations on the development and implementation of public and professional educational activities emphasizing positive action.  Assist youth participation in cooperative community service programs thorough local organizations.


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