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With 20% of the world’s population and history’s fastest growing economy China’s development decisions will greatly influence economic stability, human and environmental health and global security around the world. In 2006 Harmony was invited to China launch the Program for Leadership and Cooperation for Sustainable Community Development in China (Leadership Program), to share our expertise in community leadership training, multi-stakeholder cooperation and public participation for sustainable community development.


From 2006 to 2011, with principal collaborators Shining Stone Community Action, Environmental Management College of China and the National Academy for Mayors of China, we trained 150 mayors and vice-mayors, 40 Environmental Protection Bureau Managers and over 900 community leaders on the benefits of sustainable community development and how to achieve it through multi-sector cooperation and successful public participation.  Through our training, advice and seed funding, we also helped more than 20 communities develop and implement action plans to solve specific community environmental issues, including waste management, organic food production, energy and water conservation and economic opportunities for the poor and disabled. In addition, we assisted many Chinese organizations and communities to organize, implement and manage community projects through our “Training Trainers” program and publication and sharing of our Community Action Workshop Mannual.


During the same period our program also assisted government and business in Canada and China to improve policies and practices and respond to rising expectations for healthy and sustainable development and meaningful business investment in social progress and environmental protection.

Based on the success and relationships achieved through the Leadership Program, and the need for far greater investment in building healthy, sustainable communities Harmony’s primary activities in China going forward will be:
1. Promoting transformational CSR for transnational companies in China.

2. Assisting Chinese NGOs with capacity building and partnership development.

3. Building Bridges between Business and Civil Society.

4. Contributing to bilateral relations that are principled, environmentally sound and socially responsible as well as economically beneficial to society.


Sincere thanks to donors and supporters who made this program happen: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), GE Foundation, International Development Research Center, Government of British Columbia, RBC and Bank of Montreal.


About The Program

Summary of Achievements(Nov 2011)-EN

Summary of Achievements(Nov 2011)-CH

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Making the case for Sustainable Community Development in China

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