Corporate Social Responsibility


While corporations contribute to economic development globally, they also, positively or negatively, have tremendous impacts on society and the environment. Expectations for corporate social responsibility (CSR) are on the rise, investors, customers and partners alike expect companies to meet the highest standards for labour, environment, health and social justice not just to manage risk. How do Canadian businesses respond to rising expectations at home and abroad for contributing to improved social development and environmental protection through their CSR programs?
Meeting regulatory obligations is insufficient and green marketing isn’t going to get the job done; in fact, it creates confusion and suspicion. Harmony is working with Canada China Business Council and Chinese partners including the top research institute, Chinese Academy of Social Science and internationally respected Chinese NGOs, to assess current CSR practices of transnational companies’ in China, illuminate trends and recommendations for what lies ahead.


Our intention is to:


1) Assist business to develop more effective CSR strategies which meet company’s goals and society’s


2) Strengthen partnership among business, government and civil society to achieve economic goals while ensuring social development and environmental protection


3) Build strong relationships with local communities and civil society based on cooperation and mutual trust


CSR Guide for Multinational Corporations in China


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