Community Action Workshop Manual


Our comprehensive and highly acclaimed Community Action Workshop Manual, developed by an international team of experts in adult education and community development, contains all the materials necessary to lead a workshop.


The Community Action Workshop offers a tested planning framework groups use to develop local initiatives on a wide range of environment and development issues. Using a funnel approach, participants begin by taking a global view of their selected issue and examining the individual and societal issues that underlie it. As the Workshop progresses, participants narrow their focus to local aspects of their chosen issue, and by the end of the Workshop, they have a detailed action plan for a practical local initiative, tailored to community needs and resources. The Workshop is divided into five modules for maximum flexibility, and requires about 11 hours in total to deliver. By following Harmony Foundation’s planning framework, community groups ensure the projects they develop will be practical and effective and deliver the best possible results.


An invaluable resource for groups seeking to move from concern to action, the manual contains activities, facilitation strategies, and stepwise instructions to run a successful Community Action Workshop.


Together with our Profiles for Community Action (Green Cities, Climate Change, Water and Bio-diversity) (with others in development) the Community Action Workshop Manual offers a powerful tool for positive change.


Each Profile for Community Action provides clear, readable information about a pressing issue. Each contains a thorough overview of the issue, extensive resource listings, and inspirational success stories describing how groups have taken effective action on these issues in their own communities. The Profiles are required reading for anyone concerned about today’s most pressing environmental issues.




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