Mission Statement


Harmony Foundation is a registered charitable organization recognized internationally for its leadership in multi-sector cooperation and creating innovative training programs and educational materials for educators, youth, the workplace, local leaders and communities.
Harmony was created in 1985 by Michael Bloomfield to provide the education and encourage the cooperation essential todevelopment which is socially and environmentally sustainable. We believe that sustainable societies depend informed people working together for positive change; transforming harmful growth patterns into a positive movement toward long-term prosperity, social harmony and ecological stability.
Our world is faced with new social, economic and environmental realities that require changes in our lives. Communities around the world are facing economic, social and environmental realities. Sustainable Community Development is a pro-active strategy to plan, develop and manage our cities, towns and neighbourhoods so economic development is not only compatible with but beneficial to the environment, public health and the social and cultural assets of the community.
Through our Building Sustainable Societies Program we help organizations and individuals around the world to harness the power of the decisions made in their communities to create and sustain patterns of human development that protect the environment and human health, reduce poverty, create prosperity and improve the quality of life for current and future generations. Our practical and innovative education programs and materials provide community leaders and those they serve with the knowledge and skills to be catalysts for positive change.
Skills Development
Our education programs promote critical thinking and creative, cooperative problem solving and lead to practical initiatives which enable communities to respond to the challenges they face. Participants enhance their leadership and facilitation skills, challenge their thinking on environmental and social values, and learn in a participatory environment. As a result, they are better able to recognize the diversity of perspectives, encourage cooperation among business, industry, government and community groups and transfer the knowledge and skills to plan cooperative community projects.
Multiplier Effect
Transferring skills to local groups and organizations means our practical, results oriented programs provide long-term benefits which increase and multiply over time in communities around the world.
Respect for Others  
Our Values determine our behaviour which impacts the world around us. Our behaviour affects other people, other species and future generations. We believe that taking responsibility for the consequences of our actions is central to achieving a peaceful, just and sustainable world.
International Cooperation
Community initiatives are central to sustainable communities and must be understood within regional, national and global contexts in order to be effective in bringing about long-term change. We are committed to working in partnership with our colleagues around the world to increase international respect and cooperation.
Values Based Learning
Our programs encourage understanding and respect for the views of others, increasing cooperation and results. It is essential to emphasize that our values affect our behaviour, and our behaviours affect other people, other species, and future generations.
Understanding the Big Picture
Today’s complex issues have many interrelated factors, environmental social, cultural, economic, and health, and it is vitally important that we understand the systemic causes of these issues as well as the consequences of our actions. Understanding the big picture is essential to determining what we can do in our communities to meet local needs while contributing to meeting national and international goals.
Working in Partnership
We are committed to working in partnership with other organizations to establish meaningful results and reduce conflict around environment and development issues. These partnerships work to maximize education results and minimize administrative costs. Harmony Foundation strives to build bridges between business, government and community organizations, demonstrating the practical benefits of multi-sector cooperation. Let’s confront the issues and not each other, working together in goodwill for a healthier future.
Educators and Community Leaders
Educators and community leaders are well placed to effect positive change and reach a wide audience. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for educators and community leaders to build their skills and knowledge. This in turn will give them the capability to work with others to create a wide variety of successful, practical outcomes.
Harmony Foundation has earned a respected record; educating about global change, stimulating broad-based action on sustainable development issues and increasing the capacity to take positive action in communities in Canada and around the world. Our practical, innovative programs are based on reliable, objective information and a cooperative, multi-disciplinary approach.

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