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Under Income Tax Act, Harmony Foundation of Canada is designated as a charitable organization. This means that we are considered a “qualified donee” for donations from public or private foundations. Our charitable number is 10808 3973 RR001.


Income Tax Act identifies three types of registered charities: charitable organizations, public foundations and private foundations.Harmony Foundation is a charitable organization,as we carry on our own charitable activities, our directors are not related persons, and far less than 50% of the funding we receive comes from related persons.


United States

We also have tax exempt status in the United States under paragraph 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code


Small but Mighty

Harmony is a small but highly productive organization. We see ourselves as catalysts working with others for positive change. That high level of productivity and creativity are attributable to our commitment to:


1. Working in partnership with other organizations and building bridges between business, government and civil society, demonstrating the practical benefits of multi-sector cooperation,


2. Minimize administrative costs, generally less than 10%


3. Respect the views and ideas of others


4. Multiply results by sharing methods and skills with other groups and organizations



To support our work, please email us, or call 250-380-3001



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