CSR: Time for Society’s Return on investment


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes by many names: corporate ethics, triple bottom line, corporate sustainability, corporate accountability etc. The difficulty is not what to call it; rather that, in most cases, companies emphasize CSR as marketing and public relations rather than investment in healthy societies. This paper will make the case that CSR driven by marketing and PR, despite some successes, largely has been unsuccessful. What is required is a partnership that benefits both business and society, shifting from the “transactional CSR” of image building and brand promotion to “transformational CSR.” Society should benefit from CSR at least as much companies do; over and above responsible behaviour society deserves a fair return on investment. After all by providing infrastructure, research and development grants, and many other subsidies, society invests substantially in business. Therefore, business should be working with leaders and communities around the world to advance social development, human rights and environmental stewardship. After all, peaceful, prosperous societies are the best places to live and do business.

We are pleased to share with you our new paper ­­­CSR: Time for Society’s Return on Investment. 
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