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Views and News
Strengthening Canadian Charities (Part 2)

— What Can Individuals Do to Better Support Charities? Lanlin Bu, Michael Bloomfield, and Adrian Southin   Knowledge is power. Tell your friends and colleagues about the problems highlighted in our recent paper “Unleashing the Power of Canadian Charities”, and encourage government and corporations to remedy those problems. At the same time, we can all […]

Strengthening Canadian Charities (Part 1)

— What Can Governments Do to Better Support Charities? Lanlin Bu, Michael Bloomfield, and Adrian Southin   Charities are essential partners in Canadian society, working to relieve poverty, safeguard our environment and health, assist children, seniors and others in need, and provide cultural, educational social and other valuable services. Given that they contribute $35.6 billion[1] […]

CSR: Society’s Return on Investment?

Lanlin Bu and Michael Bloomfield with research and writing assistance from Adrian Southin       Corporate social responsibility (CSR) runs the gamut from self-aggrandizement to crisis management to with the occasional act of generosity. Society deserves better! Tax payers invest heavily in business, providing research and development grants, tax breaks, transportation facilities and many […]

Harmony Sends Kenyan Advocate for Youth with Disabilities to UNEA

  My name is John Michael Orimbo. Thanks to the Harmony Foundation of Canada I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd UN Environment Assembly (UNEA2) in Nairobi from May 19-27 2016, where I made some remarkable achievements advocating for children and youth with disabilities.       During UNEA2 I addressed my concerns with Representatives […]

Food Sovereignty Advocate Vandana Shiva Informs and Inspires Vict...
Back Drop Slides Feb29-1

Vandana Shiva, celebrated food sovereignty activist made February 29th a day of inspiration, dialogue and calls for action on food security and resilient communities. Dr. Shiva spent the day with local leaders working to improve food security in British Columbia’s Capital Region District. The events were sponsored by Harmony Foundation and co-hosted with LifeCycles Project […]

Facts and figures

1985 Founded by Michael Bloomfield


1988 Chair Robert Bateman joins, releases Cardinal and Wild Apples


30+ major educational publications and multi-media productions


7 major training and education programs - communities, business, youth and schools


36 participating countries, major collaborations with Mexico, Brazil, Israel and China