First Nation Collaboration

Harmony has always tried to include indigenous people from Canada and other countries in our programs and provide other support whenever possible.

In the past, Harmony worked with our dear friend, Chief Jack Swamp from Tree of Peace Society and the Haudesaunee People. Many of our international collaborations involved local indigenous groups; for example, in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and we our partners at GRUPEDSAC

In 2020, Harmony partnered with RAVEN to create The Harmony Environmental Essay Prize for Young Scholars, providing scholarships for students whose winning essays described their work with communities on indigenous culture, social justice, and environmental rights.

In 2022, Harmony partnered with Williams Lake First Nation, Canim Lake Band, Xatśūll First Nations and Simpcw First Nation and formed the Great Caribou Rainforest Alliance, to pursue the Indigenous-led Great Caribou Rainforest Conservation initiative.