We have the means to create a world where every man, woman and child can live free of hunger and discrimination and obtain the healthcare, education and opportunity to reach their full potential while ensuring that human development does not squeeze every other life form towards extinction. Do we have good sense and goodwill to do it?

Michael Bloomfield, the Founder and Executive Director of Harmony Foundation.


Harmony Foundation is a registered charitable organization (Charitable registration #: 108083973 RR 0001). It provides the education and encourages the cooperation essential to development which is socially and environmentally sustainable. Harmony is recognized internationally for its leadership in multi-sector cooperation and creating innovative training programs and educational materials for educators, youth, the workplace, local leaders and communities.


People around the world face challenging social, economic and environmental realities. It requires changes in our lives to ensure human development improves the quality of life for current and future generations without harming the environment and squeezing other life to extinction.  We believe that sustainable societies depend upon informed people working together for positive change; transforming harmful growth patterns into a positive movement toward long-term prosperity, social harmony and ecological stability.


Education – Understanding the Big Picture

Lifelong education must instill the values, skills and commitment to work together to respond to the challenges ahead, to address complex issues, such as climate, biodiversity, conflict and poverty. It is essential that we understand the systemic causes of these issues as well as the consequences of our actions. Investment in education is vital. 


Our leaders must be chosen for their honesty, integrity and their knowledge, skills and commitment to be catalysts for positive change. 

Multiplier Effect

We share our expertise and educational materials with others for the benefit of humanity and the environment and encourage others to do the same.
Respect for Others  

Our values determine our behaviour which impacts the world around us. Our behaviour affects other people, other species and future generations. Taking responsibility for the consequences of our actions is central to achieving a peaceful, just and sustainable world.
Working in Partnership and International Cooperation

We are committed to working in partnership with people of goodwill from around the world to increase international respect and cooperation and reduce conflict around environment and development issues.