Social & Environmental Responsibility

Prosperity with Integrity: Transforming CSR to Benefit Business and Society

Canada is increasingly seen as just another developed country compromising public health, human rights and the environment to increase profit. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Unleashing the Power of Canadian Charities

Charities are essential partners in Canadian society, working to relieve poverty, safeguard our environment and health, assist children, seniors and others in need, and provide cultural, educational social and other valuable services. Given that they contribute $35.6 billion[1] to the economy each year, we’d expect that government would actively encourage these organizations, much in the same way they support business to succeed. The truth is that over the past decade, unfriendly politicians, excessive regulations, corporate exploitation and the economic downturn have hurt charities and the Canadians they serve.

CSR: Time for Society’s Return on Investment

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes by many names: corporate ethics, triple bottom line, corporate sustainability, corporate accountability etc. The difficulty is not what to call it; rather that, in most cases, companies emphasize CSR as marketing and public relations rather than investment in healthy societies.

Canadian Mining Operations Around the World: Respecting People and the Environment

Furthering Harmony’s work to encourage business, government, and civil society to work together to improve CSR globally, we are pleased to share with you “Canadian Mining Operations Around the World: Respecting People and the Environment. In our report, we examine Canada’s mining industry to make the case for all Canadian companies to adopt a “made in Canada” standard of performance for community engagement, worker health and safety, labour rights and environmental protection wherever they operate around the world. We believe this approach will benefit Canada and its partners now and over the long-term.