Harmony began in 1985 from Michael Bloomfield’s vision to transform the environmental movement from dedicated activists to people from all walks of life, in their families, communities and workplaces, working together to build a future that would be ecologically sustainable and socially just. Special thanks to renowned artist and naturalist Robert Bateman for his confidence in this new endeavour which benefitted greatly from his early and ongoing encouragement and support. 

Since then, Harmony has provided award-winning education and training to enable educators, community leaders and residents, businesses, schools and others create projects including waste reduction and re-utilization, local food security, climate change, biodiversity, energy conservation, sustainable urban development, clean air and water and eco-nomic opportunities for youth, the poor and disabled.  We have assisted government, business and civil society to work together to reduce conflict around environment and development issues and implement more sustainable practices. In each case we have multiplied knowledge and results by “Training Trainers”, thereby enabling many more communities to contribute to meeting local, national and international goals. Leaders from 36 countries have been trained and partnered, with major collaborative programs in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East and China. Major awards include the prestigious UN Global 500 Award, the Ethics in Action Award and the Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship.

Major Projects

Building Sustainable Societies:
a dynamic program providing communities in Canada and internationally with the educational tools and training to take cooperative local action, for example: 

Canadian Communities and Climate Change:
a national program with Environment Canada. 

Institute for Environmental Values Education:
preparing educators to incorporate important social and environmental issues into their curriculum and to teach students how to resolve conflicts over them.

Sustainable Development Education Initiative:
major review of environmental education methods and the practical realities of the changes required to curriculum and administration, for education on sustainable development to be successfully implemented into schools.

Youth Vision:
providing young people with life skills through community service and mentoring programs 

Green Works:
a workplace training program assisting development and implementation of staff led environmental programs, for example assisted Westin Hotels to create the first major green hotel program in 1989.

Other Ongoing Activities

Sharing our Expertise:
Harmony has and continues to participate in numerous conferences, workshops and projects organized by others on sustainable practices, corporate social responsibility, environmental ethics and leadership training.

Advise organizations on the development and implementation of public and professional educational activities emphasizing positive action.  Assist youth participation in cooperative community service programs through local organizations.  

Major Education Materials

Harmony’s innovative education materials has assisted many businesses, governments, schools and communities take action on important issues such as greening the supply chain, waste management, agriculture, bio-diversity, urban forests, energy and water conservation, clean air and opportunities for the poor and disabled and youth. More than 30 books, e-presentations and a host of other education materials have been created including: 

Home & Family Guide
Practical Action for the Environment– a major initiative with Royal Bank of Canada, 100,000 copies distributed to homes and families

Workplace Guide
Practical Action for the Environment- thanks to Environment Canada, Bank of commerce, Xerox Canada and Molson’s over 50,000 in use by businesses

Green Cities
a Guide for Sustainable Community Development – commissioned for UN World Environment, San Francisco 2005

Community Workshops for the Environment
practical workshops for community groups. 

Discovering Your Community
A Cooperative Process for Planning Sustainability

Strengthening Our Communities
A Guidebook for Community Youth Programs –adopted by Service Canada

Community Action Workshop Manual
A reliable tool for community problem-solving and project planning

Profiles for Community Action
Climate Change, Water, Bio-diversity and Green Cities 

Strengthening Canada’s Foreign Policy
A paper using China as an example to review Canada’s foreign policy and provide insights on how we can strengthen it  

CSR Guide for Multinational Corporations in China – A practical guide for multinational companies in China to successfully develop and implement society-oriented CSR based on better understanding of CSR trends and best practices

Canadian Mining Operations Around the World: Respecting People and the Environment
A paper making the case for Canadian companies to improve health and safety, labour rights and environmental protection wherever they operate around the world 

The Power and Hope of Sustainable Community Development, Troubled Waters, Cultivating Healthy Food and Gardens for a Sustainable Future, Urban Forests, Liquidating the Future, and Co-operative Enterprises
A series of electronic presentation with each providing a clear overview and inspiring community success stories to provide a blueprint for action. Accompanied by a presenter’s guide providing instructions for organizing and hosting a successful event and activities for discussing opportunities for community action. 

International Cooperation

We believe that international cooperation is essential to meeting the world’s major environment and development challenges. Sharing best practices and innovative methods is beneficial to everyone. 

To date, representatives from 36 countries have participated in our programs and, as a result, many communities have benefitted from using our methods and materials to achieve positive changes.  Major adaptations have been conducted in Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East and China, leading to a host of successful projects including:

  • Agro-forestry in Brazil (REBRAF)
  • Jordan, Israel and Palestinian Territories- Conservation of Water and Other Natural Resources (Friends of Environment, Jordan, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, Palestine Wildlife and Environment Society) 
  • Community Leadership Training for Educators and Community Leaders in Brazil, (IPE Institute de Pesquisas Ecológicas) and Mexico- (PRONATURA, VERACRUZ)
  • Public Education Program in the Osuben River Basin in Ghana to address the environmental problems of the area and their connection to poverty, illiteracy and high rate of development.
  • Poverty and the Environment: Education for Children of Garbage Pickers, Nairobi, Kenya, 
  • Development of Rural Community Program for Sustainable Community Development, Mexico (GRUPEDSAC)
  • Centre for Women, Children, and Community Development, Nepal 
  • Education for peace, respect and equity, Ghana (GREEN EARTH) 
  • Canada-US- Mexico Cooperation on Environmental Education (Pronatura Noreste) 
  • Building Sustainable Communities in Mexico 
  • Major Cultural Adaptations and Translation of Community Action Workshop Manual 
    • Brazil (IPE Institute de Pesquisas Ecológicas)
    • Mexico (Pronatura)
    • China Shining Stone Community Action, the Environmental Management College of China and the National Academy for Mayors of China
  • Development of National Environment Action Plan, Kenya
  • Poverty, literacy and community development, Peru 
  • Strengthening the Capacity of Women’s Community Groups to Undertake Local Sustainable Development Initiatives in Rural Mexico.  Pronatura, A.C.
  • The Program for Leadership and Cooperation for Sustainable Community Development in China (Shining Stone Community Action, the Environmental Management College of China and the National Academy for Mayors of China) 
  • Rwanda – Israel School Biodiversity Program (The International Rwanda Youth for Development (IRYD) And This is My Earth TiME)