China for Dummies: Understanding the Roles of Major Political Groups

A girl is reading the newspaper, and after she finished she asked her mom, “Who is the Party Committee?”
Mom answered, “The Party Committee is your dad, who doesn’t work at all but always scolds others.”
The girl then asked, “Who is the government?” Mom answered, “The Government is me, who works all day long and is always blamed by your dad.”
The girl kept asking, “Who is the People’s Congress?” Mom said, “Your grandpa is the People’s Congress, who nominally is the boss of the family, but he takes care of nothing except wandering around with his birdcage.”
The girl continued, “Then who is the Political Consultative Conference?” Mom rubbed her waist and said, “Your grandma is the Political Consultative Conference, who nags everyday but nobody listens to her.”
The girl asked another question, “Who is the Disciplinary Committee?” Mom sighed, “Oh dear, you are the Disciplinary Committee. Nominally you should supervise your parents, but all you eat and wear are from your parents and you are actually led by your parents; moreover, you ask questions about this and that day in and day out!”
The girl asked her last question, “Who is the Labour Union?” Mom replied, “Your uncle is the Labour Union. You never see him unless he visits us for holidays.”