CSR Guide for Multinational Corporations in China

Prosperity with Integrity

China’s remarkable development has been accompanied by considerable consequences for public and worker health, environmental protection, and social development, resulting in increasing demands from government and the public for improvement. Whether an act of leadership or follow the leader it is prudent for companies, international and domestic, to respond to these calls for action.

In our recent paper, “Strengthening Canada’s Foreign Policy: Lessons from Our China Experience,” we articulated a foreign policy that is socially just, environmentally sound and economically successful. The values espoused find practical realization in CSR Guide for Multinational Corporations in China.

We wrote this guide to help forward looking business leaders and CSR staff develop meaningful CSR strategies and programs which meet societal and business needs, and move away from PR based efforts. Success requires:

• Better understanding of CSR and the expectations of stakeholders in China and around the world,
• Understanding of the practical benefits of substance over appearance,
• Knowledge of the current state of CSR in China and trends that lie ahead,
• Methods to develop meaningful CSR programs which meet societal and business needs,
• Skills to build long term community relationships through productive partnerships, as well as
• Learning from successful experiences and best practices.

Since 1985 Harmony Foundation has been building bridges between business, government, and civil society on environment and development issues in Canada and internationally. For the past 7 years the Foundation has been leading projects in China on sustainable community development, experience that has provided invaluable insights into Chinese attitudes and expectations for multinational corporations.

We hope that this publication will inspire, motivate and effectively guide business to work with government, academics and civil society for positive change, moving from marketing based CSR to society-focused practices. It is a blueprint for a program of CSR and sustainability that will benefit both company and society. Grateful thanks to our partners on this great project and to the important contributions from outstanding colleagues in business, government and academia.

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CSR Guide for MNCs in China            PDF (4.47MB)

跨国公司在华企业社会责任指南         PDF (4.38MB)