Hello World! Introducing your 21st Century Seer.

Over the past 40 years I have campaigned for a more humane, peaceful and environmentally responsible world. While there has been some progress greed and shortsightedness have brought us to this moment of reckoning where every biological system is in decline and tribalism is on the rise. This blog will inform, entertain and provoke as we explore problems, trends and solutions. We have the means to create a world where every man, woman and child can live free of hunger and discrimination and obtain the healthcare, education an opportunity to reach their full potential while ensuring that human development does not squeeze every other life form towards extinction. The question is do we have the smarts and goodwill to do it? I am a prolific reader with broad practical education and experience. I serve as advisor to numerous organizations and leaders on social and environmental responsibility. I am Michael B­­­loomfield, Founder and Executive Director of the Harmony Foundation of Canada, your 21st century seer.