Canadian Mining Operations Around the World: Respecting People and the Environment.

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Furthering Harmony’s work to encourage business, government, and civil society to work together to improve CSR globally, we are pleased to share with you “Canadian Mining Operations Around the World: Respecting People and the Environment. In our report, we examine Canada’s mining industry to make the case for all Canadian companies to adopt a “made in Canada” standard of performance for community engagement, worker health and safety, labour rights and environmental protection wherever they operate around the world. We believe this approach will benefit Canada and its partners now and over the long-term.

We call upon the federal government and industry to come together with provincial government and civil society leaders to draft a protocol and ultimately legislation which would create binding standards for Canadian companies operating internationally.

We hope that you will add your voice to the growing number of Canadians seeking prosperity with integrity and international relations based on respect for other people, public health, labour rights and the environment. We invite you to join us in this campaign and inform your constituents about our paper and these important issues.

Canada has many blessings; we don’t need to harm other people and the environments their lives depend on to increase our own wealth.

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